Michael Mack 2021-10-03 09:00

10 Best Utility Apps for Android

Each year new Android apps are released, and some of them become divide points between “what’s that?” and “must-have”. So, you have just got a brand new Android phone, or decided to refresh your old one completely. What utilities should you use in 2018 to make the best out of your device?

In this list we’ll concentrate on utilities, the apps for optimizing your experience with your device. And when it’s optimal, you’ll feel much better with messengers, social media apps, games, media players and all the other apps.

Google Assistant

It’s a complete must if you have an Assistant-enabled device at home, but even if you don’t, Google Assistant will make your phone a versatile control tool. Just say a command with your voice, and Google will turn on the radio, call or text the one you name, build a route from A to B, find some information, order food or tickets, set reminders or alarms, or turn on your lights and adjust the color. The smarter our homes get, the more important is a good voice assistant, and the one by Google is good.

Nova Launcher

A third party launcher can be more convenient than that by your device manufacturer or than pure Android. Nova is one of the best. If you often switch your phones, launcher will help you with unifying your experience, bringing the layout of your old phone onto the new one. This one is compatible with modern hardware, equipped with lots of themes and icon packs, and great for performance.

Smart Tools

Every modern smartphone has built-in tools like ruler, measurer, optical tools like mirror or magnifying glass, compass, vibration and sound volume meter, level meters, and so on. With this app you’ll be surprised how many tools can be replaced with your smartphone. No rival to pro devices, a smartphone with this app is okay for everyday needs. 

ES File Explorer

Handling files on Android is important for power users. This way you can transfer or extract Important data, change your apps settings, handle the installed apps and the ones to be installed, and even tweak your system by editing what’s protected regularly. ES File Explorer is a powerful tool for those who feel uncomfortable with no root access. It’s a powerful and comfortable file manager, especially for rooted devices.


This app by Lenovo lets you transfer large data pieces from phone to phone without clouds or hardware commutations. It uses built-in Bluetooth to get connected and Wi-Fi to transfer files. It doesn’t even take a local network: it creates it – ad hoc. If you need to share lots of data, you better save some space for SHAREit, and it will repay.


Passwords is what’s required in most online services, from social media to banking or shopping apps. With LastPass you’ll only have to remember the master password (if you don’t trust face or fingerprint recognition, and we think we shouldn’t). LastPass gets all your passwords protected and secured. And it fills forms automatically; just let it run in the background.


The complex system tool will free space for you, remove orphaned files left by uninstalled apps, clear cache, find unnecessary files or copies, and get your phone junk-free. CCleaner isn’t the only tool of this type, but certainly is one of the best.


If you prefer to do your things on PC but often need to deal with your phone for texting, calling, or communicating, AirDroid will get you your phone right on your computer. The remote access it provides only need the two devices to be on and in the same wireless network. Install AirDroid to both your phone and your desktop or laptop, and you’ll control your Android device from your PC: type texts, create or answer messages, transfer files between devices, and so on.

App Lock

If you have lots of apps, some of them may hold private data. Even if it’s just your browser, you hardly want someone else to dig into your history or bookmarks, right? And what about your messages, private photos, or financial data? AppLock will get your apps protected. With it, you can protect each app with a PIN-code, a pattern, a fingerprint or FaceID. And if someone still tries to intrude, the app will snap them with the front camera.

Live Transcribe

And a voice app again, Live Transcribe takes your interaction with your smartphone to a whole new level. It recognizes your voice with all the power of technology by Google and does what it’s supposed to do. You can just dictate texts with it, answer messages or create new ones, and so on. Logically, it can be join forces with Google Assistant to be invincible. So far, though, the app is in beta state, and only available in several countries.