Diana Beck 2021-10-04 13:00

Affordable Speeding Up Methods for Old Smartphones

Naturally, smartphones start to slow down over time. It happens because the operating system is constantly updated, and we do not even know which new apps have been downloaded by default. Those apps are eating valuable space on the device and running even without your interference. In addition, there can be lags caused by the depreciation of the hardware, but most probably the reason is a trivial lack of storage space.

So, do not be frustrated and hold off on buying a new smartphone to move the things forward. There are methods you can apply to boost your devices. They are quite simple. We are going to suggest you several easy steps to make your smartphone perform even better than it did at the beginning. What’s more important, you will not pay a penny for it. It will take you a couple of movements to manage your apps and clear cached data.

The battery is the issue

Or, at least, it will cost you a price of the battery. Haven’t you thought that slowing down is caused by wearing of the accumulator? Start with this assumption and replace your battery. We believe that you will notice changes for the better. As you understand, the integral phone batteries impact on the operation of a handset in general and not only on its powering. And if it is worn out, the performances can be negatively affected. Its replacement will allow you to ensure that this cause is excluded and your smartphone runs as efficiently as possible. 

If you have an Apple device, turn to Apple Store or any correspondent licensed company to update a battery. You can even post your device to Apple to do it. If you use an Android device, you should find out how you can renew your battery in accordance with peculiarities of the exact device.

Do not forget about updating

We hope you understand that an old operating system is not good; that is why you should let your device to be updated automatically or do it manually if you do not want its speed to slow down. This habit ensures that your smartphone will always provide you with the fastest possible up to date experience.

Cached data is the reason

This is a common issue which is known by everybody who uses computers and mobile devices. The cache is software dedicated to storing any data which you get access to launching the apps and surfing over the Internet. Then this storage system provides the device with the temporary data before you make any further action. In other words, the computer starts scanning this memory, looking for the information needed. When the storage is packed, the device spends more time doing it, and that process slows the download.

In this case, all you have to do is to clear the device’s cache, and you will see how the things will change. Your smartphone will run apps and perform other tasks much faster. In order to do it on the iPhone, you should go to Settings. Find Safari and choose’ Clear History and Website Data’ command where you will be suggested to Clear History & Data. If you use Android, find Storage in Settings, and go to Other Apps. Choose the app you want to clear out and tap it selecting Clear Cache.

Provide proper application management

You should manage the operation, maintenance, and upgrading of every app installed on your device following the instructions and recommendations of the producers. If you ignore these duties, you will have problems with performance. Be sure that you have no unused software on your device.

Delete the apps you do not use (but first, you’d better figure out their purpose: if they are not essential, get rid of them without hesitation). Remember that every app eats memory and, when you remove it, you improve your handset’s processing power.

Pay your attention to the apps which should be updated regularly. You should know that a previous version of such application does not disappear, but continues to stay in your device increasing the memory taken up by this updated software. It can be Facebook, for instance. In order to speed up your smartphone, better delete the app and reinstall it again from time to time.

Use the special software to remedy the situation

There are particular applications which are developed exactly for the above purposes – they enhance your device’s performance. It can be a task manager providing control over other apps which are activated by themselves when you launch your device and slow down the boot-up process. There are also tools which clear cache space without your participation and more.

As you see, the above instructions are simple. You can apply them without much effort, but they are efficient and allow you to enjoy your favorite smartphone longer without replacing it by reason of poor performances and slow operation.

We hope that this article was useful to you. Please, let us know about your individual experience – leave your comments below the article. And do not forget to share this information with your friends. Help them to get efficient!