Diana Beck 2021-10-03 17:00

Best Android Apps to Use Offline

Although 5G is already here, many users still travel, live, work, and study in places without an Internet connection. There are places with zero signal, even within areas with the best coverage. If you don’t want your Android smartphone to turn into a useless brick for calls and SMS, check out our list of the most useful offline apps.

Flym – Everywhere News

Flym is a straightforward but incredibly helpful news aggregator. The platform gathers news from several official sources and lets you select articles to add them to the offline Favorites library. It’s a good way not only to highlight important pieces but to read offline as well. Your Flym account can sync all your feed changes with the cloud when you go online. It means that you won’t lose the personalized experience even if you switch to another device. 

Here WeGo – Navigation

This app is a rare offline navigation tool that remains precise even far from civilization. The library of offline maps includes over 100 countries, which is incredibly useful for travelers. Besides basic navigation, Here WeGo lets you view transit information and real-time traffic, including roadworks and heavy traffic. Yes, Google Maps can offer nearly the same functionary, but UIs of both apps and the approach to navigation is different. 

Google Drive – An Offline Cloud?

That sounds weird, but Google Drive really has a set of offline features. You can select particular files and enable offline sync. This will save the files onto the device’s internal storage and provide offline access to synced files for all Google Suite apps. Offline access to presentations, spreadsheets, and word documents is useful for a large variety of work and study tasks. In addition, you can sync any other file types for niche purposes. All changes that you do to documents will be automatically synchronized with the cloud when you go online next time. 

Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books – Reading

Both Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books let you download an unlimited number of ebooks and read them offline. Files usually take little space, so you can carry a huge library along without memory shortages. You can start from freebies to select the most convenient app and then purchase as many titles as you can read. Both apps provide flexible text customization features, a dark mode, and integrated notes. 

Google Translate – Universal Language Helper

This one is the simplest mobile translator, but it hides a lot of power under a sleek interface. Google Translate database is connected to Google Search, so it can find relevant translations for nearly any word in any language. Using the OCR module, you can translate pieces of text with your camera. Point it at a text and get an automatic translation within seconds. The library of offline packages includes 59 languages, and you don’t have to pay for any of them! And don’t forget to download the package before going somewhere without the Internet!

TickTick – Task Trecking

While the majority of task trackers require an Internet connection, TickTick lets you do everything offline. You can create notes with notifications, and to-do lists for anything from grocery to complex work objectives. It can also sync with your online calendar when you connect to the web and transfer updates in seconds. With the free plan, you can set up to 2 alerts per task and share access to cooperative tasks amongst several other users. 

Podcast Addict – Infinite Free Listening

Podcast Addict is a good old podcast player. Similarly to iOS Podcasts, it provides access to over 750,000 free podcasts in English and some other languages. Here you will find virtually any topic. You can follow an unlimited number of channels, get notifications on new episodes, and, of course, download as many records as your phone can handle. The podcast audio is compressed, so, say, a 1-hour recording usually takes less than 100MB. The playback speed and modern local streaming features are enabled. 

Simple Mobile Tools – A Bundle for Everything

Simple Mobile Tools is a bundle of offline applications. It provides such usual apps as calendar, contacts, file manager, notepad, media gallery, and many more options. Simple Mobile Tools is a more flexible way of coping with basic smartphone tasks offline. At first sight, the difference between default Android apps and SMT is mere. However, a closer look reveals dozens of functions that are surprisingly pleasant to use. 

Splend Apps – No Online Features

Similarly to Simple Mobile Tools, the bundle of Splend applications is designed to be maximally useful without the Internet. Spend goes even further. There are no online features at all! If you’re looking for such an autonomous solution, you will like one of the Splend apps for sure. The list features a voice recorder, a notepad, a to-do listing app, torch, compass, and many other useful tools. 

Music & Streaming Apps With Offline Mode

First of all, you should know that all paid streaming apps like YouTube Premium, Netflix, and Spotify feature an offline mode. You just have to download clips, episodes, and songs to play them later. Such a feature is now available in the vast majority of similar services. Just make sure that you enable downloading in the settings of each app, and don’t forget to download everything you might need to use offline. 

Weather Apps

Many popular weather applications, such as AccuWeather and Today Weather, always save the latest forecast on the screen. You can launch these apps anytime later to remind yourself what the weather will be. 

Offline Is Fun

Your device can do quite a lot of stuff, even if you get stuck in the middle of a dense forest. All types of media content are downloadable, as well as dictionaries, organizers, and maps. Download the Android apps from this list, and you’ll always have something to do with your smartphone or tablet when offline. Do you know any other useful offline apps? Tell us in the comments and share the article with your friends.