Michael Mack 2021-09-30 14:45

Best Google Play Alternatives on Android

Unlike iOS, Android is a system that’s open for third-party app marketplaces. It means that you can install and use Google Play alternatives without any difficulties. If you want to try different sources of apps for your Android device, take a look at our selection of the best of them. 

1. Amazon App Store – 2nd Biggest 

Amazon App Store is the biggest rival of Google’s store on Android devices. It used to be a proprietary store for Fire OS devices and eventually became the 2nd biggest store for Android apps. The major advantage of this store is that you can get a random paid app for free every day, which means that you can get the apps you can’t afford for free! 

Of course, it may take time to wait for the right one, but it’s definitely worth a try. You can use it along with Google Play and look for the best prices. Moreover, the Amazon App Store offers a wide range of exclusive applications, including music and video streaming services, with free content. 

2. F-Droid – Best Open-Source Apps

This unique app is not even a store as it doesn’t sell anything. All the apps presented in this library are free and open-source, which means that you can download them and even create your own modifications if you want. The entire ‘store’ belongs to a non-profit organization that specializes on development and online distribution of non-profit services. It’s a perfect opportunity to find free alternatives to some paid apps or to upload and test your own creations. The community of the library is very active and will provide you with adequate feedback. 

3. APKMirror

Do you know the popular Android Police website? APKMirror is designed and moderated by the same team that hosts the website. Unlike Google Play, APKMirror conducts manual safety security analysis of every submitted app. As a result, this store is 99,9% free of malware. It also doesn’t distribute cracked versions of paid apps and provides the latest updates on time. 

What is more, paid apps are prohibited on the site, so that you can download and use anything you want. Of course, there are products with in-app purchases too, but you can choose alternative ways to pay for them. 

4. APKPure

APKPure is very similar to the APKMirror in terms of security and content quality. Over the last 5 years, APKPure has gathered thousands of free curated apps. The selection includes a variety of local apps and games as well as different versions of popular ones, including APK and XAPK files. Just choose the one that works the best on your Android device and enjoy the best performance possible. 

5. Samsung App Store 

Samsung is famous not only for its high-quality mobile devices but also for a huge variety of proprietary applications. It seems that the manufacturer tries to outshine Apple and create its own ecosystem based on flexible Android’s policies. Samsung App Store is full of free exclusive Samsung apps and a huge variety of popular apps. The selection of apps is thorough enough to protect you from malware and useless pieces of code. If you use Samsung, this store is one of the best options. 

Double-Check Your App Sources

Now you know the best apps to replace the default Google Play store if you don’t like it. All the 5 apps on the list are known for providing high-quality selections of certified apps. However, similarly to Google Play, they include a small percent of malware, so be careful and don’t install unknown apps without reading their reviews on trusted websites. Where do you get Android apps? Tell about your favorite stores in the comments and share this list with friends to provide them with the best-quality alternatives.