Emma Rodriguez 2021-09-29 15:00

Big Ten: Top 10 Applications for Android & iOS

It's a shame how many worthy apps are neglected by us. Sure you've heard of Shazam, VLC, Uber and Tinder. But there's a whole multitude of clever apps that can turn your gadget into a helpful assistant. We've prepared a list of Top 10 apps, which you've never heard of, but definitely should try.


1. Spendee — Keep track of your finances

Spendee is an app which allows you to do bookkeeping on the go. You can analyze your expenditure, estimate income and cut unnecessary expenses. A bank account can be linked to the app for more effective planning, as well as the gas, medical and other bills. Budget monitoring will take much less time and effort.

2. Libby — Digital library

With Libby you will always know which books and authors are trending in your local libraries. Literature recommendations in the app are based on both expert opinions and popularity among readers. Once you make a choice — the book can be read right in Libby.

3. Spark — Spam annihilator

This app is amazing at uncluttering your email. Based on the customizable parameters, Spark filters out junk/useless messages and blocks spam. As a result, your digital mailbox will be less cluttered up. Extra features include Undo Send Email, Reminders, Message Pinning and others. Note: Spark only notifies you of the emails sent by real people.

4. Google Arts & Culture — A night at the museum

Undeservingly, Google A & C is quite an obscure app. Which is a crying shame: thanks to it you can enjoy exhibits from every major museum or art gallery on the planet. Russia's Hermitage, France's Louvre, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and many others collaborated with Google to bring you this app. Moreover, via the phone's camera you can quickly identify any piece of art or snap an Art Selfie.

5. Otter Voice Notes — Magic conversation transcriber

With Otter Voice Notes you can record conversations, presentations, college lectures or interviews. Sounds good already, but what's going to make your jaws drop is that its algorithms decipher human speech and turn it into text. Transcription is pretty accurate, as the field testing shows. Monthly you get 600 minutes for free.

6. Hour Blocks — Schedule genius

In case your time management has turned into a glittery car crash, Hour Blocks is what you need. The app breaks your work/spare time into hour blocks, which you can organize, swap, erase etc. Work, Fitness, Web Design, Wine Tasting, Crocheting, Japanese — you may name each block individually and give it a time amount it requires.

7. MediBang Paint — Fulfill your artistic vision

MediBang turns the touchscreen into your personal canvas. Thanks to its broad repertoire of tools — brushes, fonts, backgrounds, speech balloons, coloring etc. — you may design anything: from an artwork sketch to a full-fledged comic book. The app is supported by a cloud service, so you can instantly save and transfer your masterpieces from one device to another.

8. Offer Up — Buy. Sell. Offer up.

This app will liberate you from having to host a garage sale. Or go to one. Through Offer Up people can sell and purchase items of all prices/sizes. Here you can find a second-hand denim jacket from Lacoste, a drum-set, a collection of porcelain figurines or a vintage mini-van. Every user has a reputation rating, and all money transactions are secured by the platform to exclude potential fraud. Instant-messaging helps sellers and buyers stay in touch.

9. Guitar Tuner — Finest tuning

This app will provide a good service to every jazzman, blues adept and metal head. Tuner features the classic E—H—G—D—A—E guitar standard and good quality sounds. It will be your helper if you need to tune the guitar, piano, trombone or warm up an acapella group. Sleek design and small size are a plus.

10. CamScanner — Scan the docs

With this tool you can turn any document — receipt, flight ticket, bank check, newspaper etc. — into a high-quality image. Security settings, PDF-conversion and file sharing are also supported.

The Bottom Line

Most of these apps offer their core functionality for free. We hope you like our today's selection. Stay tuned to discover more hidden application gems with us in the future!